Paige Jennifer Barr is a master of many things.

On my business card I write; Casting Director/Actor/Writer/Funny Person and now I can FINALLY add Coach!

My true passion is helping others learn the skills they need, to feel more themselves while pursuing THEIR passion. I have been Real People casting since 2005. I have helping real people feel comfortable in front of the camera ever since.  In 2008 I FINALLY joined a company that worked with corporate america teaching 'presentation skills'. Unfortunately, as you may remember 2008 was also the big financial crisis and the budgets were cut and that was the end of that company. However, over the years I kept getting clients, journalists, actors, vlogers, architects, consultants, business people (list available on request). Most recently, I started volunteering at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help their staff, honored teammates and other fundraisers who often were being asked last minute to pitch at a fundraising event 'public speaking' weather in their wheelhouse of skills or not they needed to do it and do it well. I wanted to help them not just do the job but be BETTER the best they could do. The improvement and overall positive feedback encouraged me to start Performative Media Coaching. Warm, funny and encouraging are just a few adjectives that describe my way of working. Get started on being your best.